Published 31 Dec 2016 at 07:43

A grey day in the delta

Together with Hans Overduin we went to the province of Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands. Forecasts weren't great but as one would like but still we went out as we hadn't spoken each other for a while. So it would be more of a "socialising" and focus on birding day. We started at the Krammersluizen where we hoped to find a large flock of Snow Buntings and Twites, sadly we couldn't find the birds but where happy with a distant White-tailed Eagle and some Black-necked and Slavonian Grebe.

We then headed south to Yerseke where a family of 8 Red-breasted Geese where seen but the tide was low and the birds where probably far away on the mudflats foraging of sea lettuce with the Brent Geese. We waited for a while hoping the birds would join the other Brent Geese on the grasslands. As it was one of the shortest days of the year we decided to head on. A impressive flock of Stock Dove was on a plowed field, about 1500 doves where present. We stopped over at Wissenkerke to check out a birding hide where we heard a Cetti's Warbler. There where some Teal, Shelduck and some Redshanks but a actively foraging Red-breasted Merganser drew the attention, sadly the lower mandible of the male had broken of.

We ended the day at the Brouwersdam where a Shag was fishing between some Grey Seals, an enormous fence now withholds one to photograph anything here at the waterline. We couldn't locate the Long-tailed Ducks and the light was fading very fast so we called it a day. We hadn't photographed anything we first hoped for and had to do it with some "bycatches" in the form of a Grey Heron, Kestrel and Buzzard.

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