Published 17 Oct 2015 at 15:10

Bloody moon

I hope everybody has recovered by the overload of that bloody Blood Moon pictures? These shots are off the same day/night of that moon. I woke up that night and had a look at the moon and thought nothing special about it, sorry.

So went back and got our a couple of hours later. Then the moon was back to normal and I headed to the dunes. I had some shots in mind of the full moon standing low over a misty landscape. Sadly the wind picked up a bit so I couldn't get the image I had in mind. At these times you have to go with the flow so quickly drove to a marshland were the conditions where better.

I had a just some minutes left before the moon sank behind the horizon. Too bad a Roe Deer didn't walked out the bushes at that precise moment. Gives me motivation to try it again ;) Oh yeah, almost forgot to look back where the clouds came over that misty landscape, then back to the office job again.

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