Published 22 Feb 2017 at 21:22

Mystical Biesboch

Wouter and I visited the Biesbosch National Parc last Saturday the 18th of February. We left Leiden early in the morning and drove off into the mist. We arrived before sunset and hoped for Beaver at a site where they've seen the days before. No trace of the Beavers but we enjoyed the scenery with Great Cormorants perched in dead trees in the mist and found a second winter Yellow-legged Gull.

At polder Hardenbroek we saw our first Black-tailed Godwits for this year and heard several calling Water Rails, views of White-tailed Eagle could be forgotten as we couldn't see more then 300 meters because of the mist. We did see the Blyth's Pipit briefly as it was flushed by another birder, other attempt to see the bird where fruitless and we didn't spend too much time as there is far more to see.

In the streams we found many Smew, including the stunning males, and also his big cousin the Goosander. The Biesbosch is rich in fish and feed many Great Egrets, Grey Herons and Bittern. Last one showed very nice along a small stream only not interesting enough for a picture.

Around mid day the sun won the struggle with the mist which gave interesting light conditions with the mist blown away over the fields where a Lapwing looked over his new territory.

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