Published 13 Aug 2015 at 20:35

On the moon

Recently there was a very nice full moon rising early in the evening. So I wanted to work out an image I had in mind for a long time. Therefore I visited a roost of Cormorants and waiting for the moon to show up on the horizon. As it was getting darker the plan started to work. The cormorants where very relaxed as the moon was rising. Still it was more difficult then I expected because the moon was rising faster then I thought. So I had to work ahead position myself and waiting for the moon the get behind the bird.

But that is easier said then done. For the wright angle there was an branch getting in the way or I wasn't able to get the position due to the bush between me and the roost. So I only had two good moments. One taken of the two birds with the 500mm with the moon just above the horizon and the single bird with 700mm.

Cormorant in front of the full moon taken with the 500mm and 1.4 extender at F32 and ISO 800

Cormorant in front of a full moon taken with the 500mm at F16 and ISO 800

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