Published 30 May 2016 at 12:35


It has been a while since I updated my website and same goes for my photography. With two young kids and a full time job spare time is scarce. Good thing is that the days are getting longer and I can squeeze out in the early morning before I have to go to work if the conditions are good.

Last week the forecast were good for a misty morning so I got out early, well Sven got out early for his milk before my alarm clock went of ;) So after he was asleep again I went to the dunes before sunrise. It was a bit cloudy and therefore the mist was not so thick. Even though it was a wonderful morning with singing Wood Larks and a calling Cuckoo in the background.

The cormorants were leaving the colony as the sun rose so I focussed on the birds trying to get them in the frame with the sun. Later I found an individual that took it a bit easier. Sitting on a nice branch preening itself before he had the face another day finding food for his begging young. I could see the resemblance.

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