Published 11 Dec 2016 at 09:58

Some cold days in December

Winter is my favorite season, at least when it really feels like winter. Frost, ice, snow are getting scarcer in the Netherlands so when it occurs I get restless. Still with two young boys (1 and 3 years) it's not always easy to get out. Luckily sunrise is about the time they had their breakfast so the join dad. I can't take them for hours into the cold so I'm limited to site that I can access by car of stay within a short walking distance

The first photo is a Golden Plover standing in a frost covered field. Every winter large flocks of Golden Plovers winter in the meadows just 15 minutes away from my home, there was a small group close to the road. The sun started to rise illuminating the bird in golden light.

In the same area, which has become some kind of my local patch a female Stonechat tries to endure the winter. She covers quite a large area but when I arrived with the firs light she was in the right area to photograph her in the landscape of frozen plants.

After I photographed the Golden Plover we went to a forest where many ducks come to rest in a pond. After a cold night you often get mist over or near water so I had an image in mind of the duck in the mist. As we parked the car and passed a small orchard there where a lot of Finches and Tits. A Great Tit landed in an Apple Tree which still had some leaves on it. Here it found a insect which he started to eat. The branches where covered in frost and when he moved it fall down lightened by the sun against the dark background.

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