Published 06 Aug 2017 at 07:43

Workshop at the beach

For the local library I hosted two workshops. One focussed on landscape photography and the other on wildlife photography. On the first evening Joost and I give a presentation about the theory and the next week we meet in the field so the participants can put the theory into practice.

On the evening the evening we planned the landscape photography it was raining cats and dogs so we agreed to meet the next Monday. After the grey and raining evening we where treated with a fantastic sunset. It was slightly clouded but at the horizon the setting sun illuminated the sky in many colors.

I used the 10-20mm Sigma wide angle on the 7D (1.7 magnification) and took a low angle position. Actually I just held my camera just above the waves. The weren't any bigger then 30 cm but appear far larger by this position.

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