Published 20 Aug 2017 at 09:40

Worskhop photographing animals

Previously Joost and I hosted a workshop Landscape Photography. With such workshops you have to hope for good weather conditions but for the rest it's not such challenge because the subject isn't running or flying away from you. We also organized a workshop macro and wildlife photography. To put the theorie (first half of the workshop an evening presentation) into practice we went to a reserve where there's large group of Scottish Highland Cows and Konik Horses.

We had to manage a group of 30 participants so we split up the group. With such a group it's hard to photograph wildlife such as birds, hares and Roe Deer that also occur in the area. Even when we walked up to these domestic cows the were weary of us and slowly moved away. Lucky for us it gave us just enough time to photograph them in the late evening light.

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