Published 08 Jul 2014 at 12:55

Full Monty...

Last spring a Pallid Harrier was present in the stronghold of Montegu's Harriers in the Netherlands, trying to persuade the females by giving The Full Monty. As had as he tried it was without any success. The real Monty's chased him away and after a couple of weeks he gave up leaving the Monty's at peace for the rest of the breeding season. The travel company of Inizia Tours is situated in the north of the Netherlands and held a party for all of their guides this is a good combination for trying to photograph the Montegu's Harriers. So Hans (Hans's website - another guide) and I spend some time in the early morning to photograph the harriers (hardest was getting Hans out of [...]

Published 22 Jun 2014 at 21:49

Again, again and again...

A common advice is that you should have the picture in mind before you take it, and then try to get it. That often means luck, perseverance and that you stay sharp. Together with Kevin, we where lying alongside a lake in Holland photographing these Black-necked Grebes. After some standard shots it was time to try to get that one action shot of the bird diving at the exact moment before it's down under. The challenge was to nail down the bird diving but still with the eye visible.

Een algemene tip is: Zorg dat je voor je gaat fotograferen al een bepaald beeld in gedachte hebt en daar naar toe werkt. Dit betekent veelal doorzettingsvermogen, geluk en je scherp blijft. Samen met Kevin lag [...]