From stunning landscapes of the remotest part of the world to the tiniest insects at our doorsteps. Menno knows how to show the beauty of nature with his impressive images supported by inspring personal stories. Feel free to contact about the possibilities for a presentation for your association, company or event.

King Penguin - Koningspinguin

The Atlantic Odyssey
A six week sea voyage crossing half the globe from Antarctica to Africa

Join Menno as we leave Ushuaia in Argentina and sail out for a six week journey. We pass the fearsome Drake Passage to Antarctica where freezing blizzard keep us from setting foot on the continent it only shows itself briefly while we sail up and down the drifting icebergs.

We follow the route of Ernst Shackleton to South Georgia, one of the most beautiful places on earth but the rough seas don't make it easy for us. Sadly we have to continue our voyage to Gough island home to 15 million seabirds.

Temperatures are rising as we head to the Tristan da Cunha island group. Here we face the effect of the Greek Vessel that broke in two spilling oil and tons of beans in the ocean.

Next stop is Sint Helena, where Napoleon spent his exile and died. Ascencion is the next stop this hot and dry island is home to rare seabirds and important for sea-turtles to lie their eggs.

The Cape Verde is our final destination after the six week at sea. We visit Santiago and sail around Fogo before this epic journey ends.

Into the dunes
A presentation about Menno's backyard

As Menno's family name is Van Duijn meaning " of the dune" and he (almost) lives in the dunes it's now wonder that the majority of his photos are taken in the dunes.

Dunes are diverse, ever changing and on the move. Grain by grain blown by the wind. The dunes change with the seasons. Quit in the winter with only the call of Whooper Swans. A dawn chorus of songbirds in spring. Dancing insects in summer and contrasting colors in autumn.

For Menno it's almost impossible to show you the beauty of the dunes in a short time presentation. As he shows a image he can tell about it for a long time so it's a challenge not to dream away by such a photo imagining the wind in your hears, the sun on your face but a cold wind twinkeling your skin.


The land of fire and ice

Iceland is a dream for any nature and wildlife photographer. Volcanoes, geisers, waterfalls and rough coastlines. In spring the most beautiful birds come to breed like Harlequin Ducks, Red-necked Phaloropes and Long-tailed Ducks.

Menno has visited Iceland for the first time but it sure won't be the last. During his two week stay he just couldn't get enough of the island and slept during the day and photographed at night for the special light.

In this presentation Menno takes you along the south coast, via the east part of Iceland to Myvatn in the north and from there back again. You'll see various colored landscapes, volcanoes, glaciers and of course many species of birds.

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