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If you are interested in one or more days of guided birding of photography have a look at Birding Netherlands website

Private photo tours and workshops


Taking part on a workshop is often in a small group, never more then eight people. In the certain amount of time Menno tries to teach and help all the participant as much as possible. Still it might be so that you would have liked to asked more detailed information or just wanted to learn more. In that case it's possible to book a personal workshop. If you want to know more feel free to contact Menno.

If you want to learn more about photography and like to spend more time in the field, then it is also possible to book a multiple day tour. Contact Menno for more information and possibilities. Menno has la lot of experience with organising tours in the Netherlands and abroad.

Same goes if you like to join with a group of friends, family, company or camera club.

Birding Guide

Birding Tours

Menno has years of experience guiding birders in the Netherlands and abroad. Beside being a fanatic bird photographer he's also a keen birder. If you're looking for target birds or just want to enjoy a relaxing day of organized birding then you can contact Menno for details.

A day of birding in the Netherlands often exceeds over 100 species of birds on the list. The record on a guided day tour stands on 128 species.